24 Oct 2022

Chip Tuning & Remapping Engine Tuning

I am very happy with the service and everyone there were very helpful and happy people. I strongly recommend them and I will definitely come back. Had my Astra GTC done here earlier today and the car feels so much better. Smoother to drive and pulls so much better. Completely transformed my car, I love it. The car is now pushing 420+BHP and 550+Nm and the difference is night and day, and the sound is unreal.
Car remapping is considered a modification. This means that if you don’t inform your insurance provider about the change, then it can void your insurance. Potentially, not informing them can lead to you driving with an invalidated policy.

Located a short drive from Birmingham, we offer a full tuning service, from basic tuning stages to complex turbos and engine conversions, we have a wealth of knowledge of and years of experience with ECU tuning. We can provide tuning services for most vehicles and provide you with Vehicle Remapping Birmingham guidance on the right modifications to suit your budget and needs. Remapping potentially improves fuel efficiency, this really depends on how you drive your car. Our remaps make your car more efficient, meaning that it needs to burn less fuel to accelerate at the same rate.

Always going out their way to help and always sorting out any problems I have for a good price. Trip and well worth it performance and response its like a different car! If you have any questions or queries then get in touch on one of the numbers listed, we look forward to hearing from you. For an quick quote, fill in the form and one of our advisers will get back to you within 24 hours with a competitive price and the options available for your vehicle.
Then we also offer a mobile service for a small surcharge and one of our technicians can come to your home or your place of work for a small surcharge. "Top place, would recommend these guys to anyone." "Great chap, great business, I went back in October my first time. It's all very professional and with a nice print out."

Our team cover all areas of the Midlands, so wherever you are, we can arrange for a mobile vehicle technician to remap your vehicle, and sort out any DPF/EGR problems you may be having. Our 4X4 Tuning caters for most makes and models giving you a smooth and strong power delivery. Our ECU remaps optimises your vehicle providing better fuel economy. We are pioneers in remapping cars and vans for enthusiastic drivers.
Remapping of the engine control unit- the ECU controls the air-fuel in the vehicle’s engine. The ECU is set lower than the potential of your car to control the safety met. You can improvise the torque delivery and the peak power to improve the engine’s functionality. Remapping only really benefits turbo engines. There are serious diminishing returns when remapping a non-turbo engine. As mentioned, performance is a key reason why people remap their vehicles.
An ECU remap for your van can save you time & money. With specialist computer equipment and the latest software updates, Manor Motor Company in Birmingham are able to carry out engine diagnostics checks on most make and models of vehicles. As with car tuning, deciding whether remapping is worth it is up to you. For most drivers, however, they’re better off with an unmodded, standard car. Not all remaps concern speed or acceleration, either. Sometimes, a remap can improve handling, making a car easier to drive.

© Copyright 2022 Ultimate remaps all rights reserved. We then get your car file custom modified and write back to your car and its all good to go with a final diagnostic. In this step we check the car using our diagnostic tool to make sure there is no error code that can cause issue during the mapping. The Tuner are the industry leaders in Performance Remapping and modifications in the Midlands, We have state of the art tuning facilities at our workshop which is based in Birmingham the Heart of the UK. Operating in the West Midlands area, we are a completely mobile service. We can come to you at a time and place convenient to...
No matter whether you own a family car, sports car, work van or motorhome, adding an extra ‘dollop’ of power & torque creates a whole different driving experience. Improved my cars performance and much better acceleration, fully recommended. If you’re in the West Midlands area, then you’ll appreciate the mobile remapping service we offer. At Remapd, we deliver performance worth your hard earned money, using efficient engine tuning techniques and only use genuine products and tools. Based in Halesowen, we provide our mobile services for customers across Dudley, Brierley Hill, Rednal, Bromsgrove, Alvechurch, West Bromwich, Birmingham, Kidderminster, Walsall and Wolverhampton. Now, this default software can be changed to suit specific requirements.
Find Engine Remapping near me by county, town, date of entry, or business name. This alone shows that engines can withstand much higher tolerances. "Great place. Sorted my car when others couldn't, really helpful and friendly. Can't thank enough, top bloke." As mentioned earlier, we service Wolverhampton, Birmingham and the rest of the West Midlands.

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