25 Oct 2022

Block Paving Driveway Installation Specialists Devon & Cornwall

Established in year 2000, We are a family run business offering local services to both domestic and commercial clients. If you are looking for local block paving but you don't have much time to research, we can help. Tell us your requirementsand we will connect you with the best 3 tradesmen in Devon. You can read reviews of their previous clients and compare prices first before deciding to hire one. Here at Plymouth Paving Contractors, we have been installing driveway paving for over 30 years.
If you would like more detail and to discuss your project further please get in contact. We serve customers in Plymouth, South Hams, & Across Devon and Cornwall. The manufacurers of block paving have devised systems to meet the new requirements.

For a small driveway, around 40 square metres, we would suggest around 3-4 days. This depends on how much excavation work is involved, this and the sub-base Block Paving Plymouth will take up most of the time. The ground doesn’t need any substantial excavations such as raising or lowering the driveway by a significant amount.
Whether your old driveway needs replacing or you want to go for an entirely different style, we are the team for the job. We tailor everything to your requirements to give you a completely bespoke installation that perfectly suits your taste. We are able to complete all groundworks and drainage if required. If you need block paving driveways, paths or patios, then you have come to the right place!

You’ll pay VAT which is included in the block paving driveway prices. You may find the prices below insightful but for more complex projects, we suggest getting a custom written quote that is based on your driveway. The smooth surface of Shannon will bring a contemporary look to your driveways, paths and patios while offering a range of vibrant long lasting col... Wide range of block paving designs and styles are available to create a beautiful, hard-wearing driveway for your home.
From the traditional to the contemporary, turning your outside space from a garden, to a masterpiece is more than just possible. The materials for tarmac are often cheaper, and the labour costs will be lower because tarmac takes less time to lay. If you’re looking to improve your driveway, you might be torn between block paving and tarmac . We’re going to look at the benefits of each driveway material to help you make a more informed decision.
It has a flecked appearance, with buttermilk yellow, buff, white and sparkling silver shades. Enjoy the timeless beauty of our porcelain garden and driveway paving options. With 4 ranges, 12 aesthetics and 29 colours, the Brett porcelain range will bring distinguished style to any outdoor space.

Whatever the pattern or design, a good block paving specialist in Plymouth will be able to provide a quality drive that looks magnificent. From our base in Plymouth we offer free site visits and quotations, plus advice on design and materials including natural stone, sandstone, and permeable paving. We operate across Plymouth and surrounding areas , for private and commercial customers. We install driveways, patios, fencing, brick walls, specialist stonewalling and disabled access. Driveways Plymouth UK are for those people who do not mind going an extra mile for that.
CW Groundworks & General Building Work is Plymouth's expert for building foundation work and excavation services. Whatever you do, don't finalise anything until you have compared quotes. Some delightful colours to choose from as well as lots of interesting patterns. So, if you want to have a driveway designed and laid that will turn your neighbours green with envy look no further.
This resin consists of silver flecks and jet black used for resin drives, pathways and patios. This resin gives a combination of a lighter grey and a misty slate look used for resin drives, pathways and patios. This resin consists of a light sandy blend with flecks of silver, used for resin drives, pathways and patios. This resin gives a combination of gold and tan used for resin drives, pathways and patios.

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