13 Nov 2022

Natural Timber Flooring & Floorboard Range

Together, we have curated an extensive range that offers endless possibilities for colour, style, size, grades and formats – and gives you the creative freedom to realise your project. All floating installations require an acoustic underlay and depending on the subfloor type & condition the acoustic underlay will also need a moisture barrier film attached. Generally, for normal residential installations a quality underlay will be approx. 2 -3 mm in thickness and have the PE film attached to the underlay. Our Standard White & Ultra Green underlays are an excellent choice. For Hybrid floors the acoustic underlay is attached to the product.
We recommend removing grit and grime regularly, not using too much water or chemicals. Some companies advertise their engineered parquetry luxury hybrid flooring for both domestic and commercial use. Yes, all our engineered parquetry are pre-finished in a matte or extra-matte finish.

For an optimum outcome we recommend a full trowel spread adhesive bonded to a homogeneous, flat surface and dry surface such as plywood. Wooden tongue inserts are provided to aid pattern design and assembly. An extensive range of trims, coloured scotia and stair nosing are available, please check for availability. As these floors are low maintenance, cleaning them is also as simple but when cleaning, vacuum cleaners should be avoided as they can cause scratches and damage your floor.
Engineered Parquetry is available in selected Australian timbers (Blackbutt & Spotted Gum) and European Oak which is stained in different colours. Herringbone parquet flooring is originally preferred for large spaces as it epitomises luxury, opulence, and grandeur. For authentic artisan French oak flooring with a heritage feel that dates back to the 17th century, Enoak is your only destination. Our designs and techniques have graced the floors of the French royal family, classic cathedral architecture, and traditional monasteries. Our processes and techniques have their roots in the Renaissance, without compromising the great advances of the last century.

With a diverse range of colours and finishes, it’s the simplicity you’ll get used to instantly while the excitement might just never wear off. And exactly on par with your standards.Habitat – These premium European Oak floors are the perfect excuse to stay exactly where you are. We at Barefoot Timber Flooring, are the masters of parquetry floors in the region. This is a flooring technique where we use small timber pieces and arrange them in such a way that we can create a decorative pattern, that is geometric. The result of such work is the mind-blowing combination of the outright charm that one gets from a timber floor and artistry that exudes opulence.
Herringbone engineered flooring is one of the most popular hardwood flooring options, and for good reason. For example, natural timber hardwood flooring is ideal in executive offices, while seamless vinyl sheet flooring is perfect for medical, hospital, school and care environments. All timber is “Select Grade” meaning the best timber has been chosen. The size of the parquetry is a classic size that will suit any décor, whether modern or traditional. This engineered herringbone is made in Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and European Oak with a 4mm wear layer. Not only introduces the beauty of real wood to the floor, but it also provides excellent quality, made with the finest oak resources.
In addition, more layers in a product make for a structurally sound board. After living in the home for the last 6 months we are entirely satisfied with Enoak’s product and the workmanship of his installer. We also understand the need for meticulous planning, which is why can offer on-site and off-site consultations. Therefore, if you are wanting a sense of character and charm, but also a bold undercurrent of refined elegance, then reserve an appointment with Enoak today.

Abode Noble, Classic Blackbutt Featuring waterproof and anti-slip qualities, Abode Noble flooring provides the perfect... WOODCUT is proud to be a family owned and operated Australian business creating beautiful engineered timber flooring for residential and commercial spaces. Parquet wooden floors feature an eminent crisscross pattern that is arranged by placing smaller wooden tiles in a repeating pattern. The floor can be installed simply by gluing and nailing the backing material onto the surface. Flooring plays an integral role in establishing the visual and textural identity of any interior space.
There are two main types of traditional parquet floors - Herringbone and Chevron. Work with us to bring the beauty of natural oak to your architectural vision. Get in touch with our dedicated team to request samples, spec sheets, and presentations. We use only the world’s most beautiful European Oak timber to produce the highest quality flooring and cladding. It is vital the installer carries out sub-floor testing prior to install to make sure the site is ready and suitable for the product you have chosen.

However, Herringbone is becoming very popular in modern interiors and is currently trending in 2021. The Herringbone Wood Flooring pattern is formed when parquetry blocks are cut on both sides at a 90° degree angle, forming a floor of rectangular blocks. This layout can create three-dimensional effects throughout your home. When it comes to adding a touch of nature to your home, nothing beats a genuine timber floor. Because every plank is unique, the sense of authenticity is immediately apparent. A flooring consultant will be in touch shortly to confirm a suitable time for your FREE measure and quote.
Enoak’s dedication to quality goes beyond just the sourcing and handling of our French Oak flooring. Finally, take into account the durability of the herringbone floor. The pattern creates an interesting appearance that makes the room appear large than it actually is. Unlike other types of flooring, there is no need to apply sealants or refinishing agents in the first few years, but these floors can be maintained well and easily.
The glue used to bond the European Oak to the hardwood core is supplied by Swedish producer Dynea for superior strength. Engineered Parquetry is available in aHerringbonepattern andChevronpattern and on display in our showroom. Engineered Parquetry is available in selected Australian timbers and in European Oak. Herringbone flooring is a type of patterned wood flooring that has been used since the early 1900s in Australia. If you are looking for Parquetry Flooring Sydney Repairs, look for a flooring company that is experienced in offering such services. Discover how our three-layered solid European oak boards can elevate interiors with these inspiring projects, from poetic residences to commercial spaces, restaurants, hotels, and bars.

Up to this moment, herringbone flooring continues to dominate the flooring industry here in Australia, particularly in Melbourne and Sydney. Oslek Flooring aims to provide a top-quality herringbone flooring service in Melbourne and Sydney using top-notch technology. We source only the highest quality French Oak timber flooring, meticulously crafted from raw material in France by dedicated French family businesses. These master craftspeople hold a generations-strong connection with the forests they own, and have an unequaled integrity with French and European history.

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