19 Nov 2022

Montessori Furniture Australia

When you buy or receive any product for a child it is always a good idea to start by using your adult hands to explore the material before giving it to the child. Use the resource yourself – even if it is only for a moment or two – so that you are more familiar with its qualities, pieces and potential hazards. This will help you make decisions about when and how to present this new material to your child and it will also guide you about how to provide demonstrations, supervision and support. Let us start by clearly stating thatnothing in this world is entirely risk-freeand nor should it be! Taking measured, appropriate risks allows us to grow, learn and develop.
We created our product range in line with our belief in active, risky play and the Montessori approach to childhood development. We’re passionate about creating high quality, Australian made products from locally sourced sustainable materials that are good for kids and good for the planet. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we have enjoyed creating them. Our wooden play equipment packages are designed to provide hours of endless fun.

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Our daughter is almost 6 and many of the items Amie has in stock, I had to search high and low for, even overseas. Most importantly, play is how children make sense of the world around them. Play opportunities for children are in decline and subsequently there are serious health and wellbeing risks on the rise. Qtoys 3 Tier Tree Shelf is a superb investment that can turn the method of arranging and decorating your home into a pleasant and exciting event. A sturdy tree shelf, it expresses the real beauty of nature, being made from the recycled branches of Acacia... Come to our next Sydney baby expo or Melbourne baby expo by visiting our Sydney baby expo page here or our Melbourne baby expo page here.

Both of my children have attended My Montessori which has the principles of Guide & Grow embedded into the classroom. I have gained so much from attending the toddler playgroup sessions and putting Guide & Grow into practise. The key to decorating the walls in a Montessori nursery is to keep art low and simple. You want your baby to be able to see what’s on the walls from the early days and interact with these pieces over time. The blog post linked here gives great tips on how to achieve this goal. Furniture that is built for their size is so important as it encourages independence and ownership.
Our New Montessori Inspired Wardrobe is the perfect addition to any home or learning space. The wardrobe features a hanging rack and 3 cube shelves for children to easily access providing freedom and responsibility within limits in an age-appropriate way. Furnish your child's bedroom or playroom with storage and decor items in stylish and neutral designs. Many of these storage options double as activities, which help your kids learn to keep things tidy while having fun. You expressly agree that your use of, or inability to use, the service is at your sole risk. Please read these Terms of Service carefully before accessing or using our website.
We are your complete destination for baby shopping online in Melbourne, with everything that you and your child may need. Designed to last, our furniture and baby products can help you create an appealing and delightful space. The Happy Helpers Montessori inspired Tavolo Tower to Table is a dual function toddler tower perfect for meals, daily activities, cooking, play, and crafts. Transition smoothly from play time to mealtime with metal safety locks to secure your convertible learning tower or toddler table in place. Aside from being able to grow with your child, thanks to the adjustable platform heights, the My Duckling Solid Wood Adjustable Learning Tower is carefully handcrafted, meaning that you’re buying a quality product that’s guaranteed to last. Also they are incredibly safe for your little ones, as there is a groove on the stair tread to protect your child's feet from slipping, and there are two safety rails to protect your child while they’re in their learning tower.

Montessori is an approach to learning which focuses on children developing independently in their own time. Within the Montessori Method, children are given the materials to explore their world and develop cognitive and motor skills as they go. The Pikler Triangle provides children with the tools they need to practice physical challenges at their own pace and encourage curiosity and self-confidence. While not specifically designed to be Connetix outdoor play equipment, our products are all fully-finished and are ready for indoor or outdoor play right out of the box. We recommend, however, storing all Nimble Kids wooden play equipment inside when you are not using them for outdoor play. Our 'Age Ranges' (Infant/Todder, Preschool and Primary) are based on observations and expertise acquired through Jessica's own Montessori environment and her experiences as a Montessori mum.
Featuring a diverse range of toddler floor beds with matching dolls beds, storage options, shelving, wooden toy boxes, tables and beautifully designed toddler chairs, the Kids Furniture range is guaranteed to delight both parents and children alike. Montessori shelves allow your home space to provide a supportive environment for growing children. These are carefully designed shelves that allow children to view and reach their playthings and tools in an intuitive and easy way. Nurturing and intentional environments are a must for any Montessori home, and children will learn independence with shelves that are designed for their height and abilities. All 4 Kids offers a fabulous collection of kid’s furniture in Australia, crafted with an emphasis on quality and safety. With our broad collection of modern furnishing solutions, we can help you create a home that your child will surely love.

Her focus was to create a high-quality natural wood product – beautiful to touch, practical to use, and easy to store – that assisted with self guided learning. With TROFAST toy storage, you choose your own combination of different wooden frames and lightweight plastic boxes to keep all the toys organised. So it’s easy for your kids to take things out for play – and to put them away, too. A product might appear in more than one age range because it has value to children across a broader span of development. Age ranges, anecdotes within product descriptions and images on this website are illustrative only and do not constitute an endorsement or safety recommendation and do not override the recommended age restrictions.
Customisation is useful for promoting safety but also helps to inspire success and progressive cognitive development. If you buy a matching activity, but you feel that your child might not yet have the concentration span to match so many pairs, then take half the pairs away! Present the condensed version of the game initially so that your child can experience satisfaction and achievement, then slowly reintroduce the missing sets so that each time your child uses the game it takes a little longer and becomes more complicated. The Montessori philosophy certainly encourages the development of the child’s blossoming independence.

Public collections can be seen by the public, including other shoppers, and may show up in recommendations and other places. These pieces are designed with Montessori principles in mind and with modern-day parenting practices catered to. In today’s day and age, with so much exposure to screens and batteries, it is important that this generation of learners are self-aware, mindful, competent and, most importantly, kind to mother nature. This beautiful business was so great to deal with even letting me add something last minute before postage.
Open-ended pretend play is an essential component of Montessori spaces. This simple wood sink setup mimics a kitchen or mud room without guided decals, tons of accessories, or distracting clutter. As soon as Baby is able to lift to standing, this will be played with constantly. As we watch our precious little ones explore the world we are filled by the desire to encourage this process but we are also struck by the instinct to protect our little ones. Please read the following article to help you create balanced, positive and secure learning opportunities for your child.

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